Stay up-to-date about what’s happening behind the scenes at Webshop PerfectlyBasics:
A look inside our strategy, ideas & developments

Ongoing changes

We’re on a roll at PB. We’ve made some changes team wise and developments in different areas are still on a fast track. For PBNXT we’ll be using lots of modern technology, that will really enhance the way we work on a daily basis. 

Meet our UX Developer

Due to all the technical developments going on behind the scenes lately, we realized that our technical team was in need of some reinforcement. And so our search for a User Experience Developer started. A harder task than you may think...

Black everything

Working on a new and improved PB (PB NXT) has inspired us to incorporate changes on esthetic level as well. So these past few weeks we’ve invested in a new look for our warehouse...

Teamwork: when business and IT merge.

Since this past January, Dennis (Application designer) and I (Carlin, Business Developer) are responsible for the development and progress of PB NXT – the follow-up project of our current PB webshop.

PB NXT - our biggest IT project so far
Part 2

Following up my last blog - where I introduced the kickstart of PB NXT - I would like to tell more about the first steps made and how we incorporated the ideas of all PB-members into a roadmap and an asset planning...

PB NXT - our biggest IT project so far
Part 1

Last July, Peter – the founder of – asked each member of the PB team to think about what our future fashion web shop should look like: “think out-of-the-box, just write down what comes to mind and think about what the future can bring when it comes to shopping online.”

PB 2.0 The Strategy Room

2016 – exactly nine years after PB started, we began wondering how to continue our adventure for the next coming years: what’s our plan? How much growth are we aiming for and how will we meet our goals? And so it came about that we invited some advisors to assist us in this process...