PB 2.0 The Strategy Room

2016 – exactly nine years after PB started, we began wondering how to continue our adventure for the next coming years: what’s our plan? How much growth are we aiming for and how will we meet our goals? And so it came about that we invited some advisors to assist us in this process. We discovered that this was actually the perfect moment to create a clear strategy, to embark on a new journey towards the next phase and to use these new ideas and energy to achieve set goals for 2020. That summer in 2016 we spent many hours and days in Thaesys’ ‘strategy room’, located in Hilversum. It resulted in a 40-page plan for us to use as owners and as a company. It turned out to be the right step made at just the right time. Because now – 2 years later – this plan, our bible, has been key with every decision made behind the scenes. It has been the starting point of all developments concerning technical and organizational changes as well as decisions made about personnel.

  • Focus through clear decision-making
  • A clear view on what not to do is crucial
  • The road to an autonomous and profitable PB
  • Improving organization and enthusiasm was and still is on top of our list
  • It has now resulted in PB NXT