PB NXT - our biggest IT project so far
Part 2

Following up my last blog - where I introduced the kickstart of PB NXT - I would like to tell more about the first steps made and how we incorporated the ideas of all PB-members into a roadmap and an asset planning.

First, Peter and I structured all submitted ideas according to theme or goal. We used ‘Tesla amazing magnetic notes’ (not that amazing btw) to categorize all input according to the pre-defined technical categories. The categories were defined as followed: orders, products, brands, webshop, customers, command center, technical(backend), design(frontend), finance, and out-of-the-box. Within each category, each input element was ranked according to the MoSCoW principle. The main principle of PB NXT is paperless, so no more wasting paper within each new designed business process. Sustainability!

Warehouse fulfillment, customer service issue handling, shooting and production of all product items and so on. I used an online tool, called Lucidchart for the BPMN documentation. 

After two months, I managed to document 15 processes by continuously asking feedback from my colleagues and going back and forth when something turned out not to be right. In the end, we only used these process models/flow charts to keep track on what kind of processes we needed to address for the new website; which is a good thing in my opinion since each to-be business process is solely created on what our opinion should be. Old habits are a no go! The MoSCoW hierarchy and the business process models can be characterized as the point of departure for PB NXT. This is how we started our biggest IT project so far! The next step will consist of elaborating each component of the roadmap and defining the themes of the asset planning, so the IT developers know what needs to be built…

Thanks for reading!

Carlin Verwejien
Business Development