Teamwork: when business and IT merge.

Since this past January, Dennis (Application designer) and I (Carlin, Business Developer) are responsible for the development and progress of PB NXT – the follow-up project of our current PB webshop.

As the business representative of the tech team, the analysis of the current business process models and flow charts, gave me the opportunity to accurately analyze each specific part of the process. This task helped me to pinpoint the start of building towards our very first translation of the business processes into abstract logic.

To begin with, Dennis and I started with the product itself. What should a product look like? What are the properties, characteristics, values, corresponding entities and events? What we basically did: we just wrote down the main topic on a whiteboard and started from there.

After a few brainstorms we defined a ‘product’, so we could start to define the product lifecycle. Each new stage of a product consists of new product statuses and events; every possible scenario is discussed and all corresponding events are written down. Mostly, when we were busy discussing the possibilities of a process, we would come up with a new scenario, which we amplified once the current process was clearly defined.

Once the product lifecycle was clearly defined, we would question the decisions we made and whether each definition accurately effects another entity or event. ”Why this? Why that?” A lot of why’s came by during our brainstorm sessions. Often, we changed a specific part of the initial idea into something else. We’ve even changed an entire concept because we knew something was off! It just didn’t feel right. This dissatisfaction forced us to think and act differently.

I am sure that our ad hoc brainstorm strategy has contributed to the progress of PB NXT. Being able to brainstorm on an abstract product level and question one another has provided a waterproof business logic that serves as the foundation of PB NXT. I believe that the combination of two people with different expertise area’s that have the ability to brainstorm together and ask each other critical questions has provided us with a solid and perfect new foundation for the future.

Thank you for reading!