Meet our UX Developer

Due to all the technical developments going on behind the scenes lately, we realized that our technical team was in need of some reinforcement. And so our search for a User Experience Developer started. A harder task than you may think.

Our demands were quite specific: we were looking for a UX Developer who had all the knowledge on the technical side but could also empathize with our average customer: a fashion-loving woman who loves to shop online. After several interviews without result we finally turned to Stackoverflow. An enormous international online platform for techies. We finally stumbled upon Laurentia and are super excited that she will be joining our team shortly.

Laurentia will be using her talents to further develop our fully written-out and rubber-ducked functional design. We can’t wait to see her work her magic on PB NXT.

Laurentia: “I am super excited about this challenge and look forward to being part of the Perfectly Basics team!”