Ongoing changes

We’re on a roll at PB. We’ve made some changes team wise and developments in different areas are still on a fast track – like this blog that’s now live! Dennis – our Application designer – will bring you up to speed about Google AMP in a next blog, as this blog is our first AMP LIVE. After our new UX Developer Laurentia, we’ve now added Kate - our new UX Designer - to the PB team. This lucky girl is the first in to be working on a brand new Surface Studio from Microsoft. A great new system that enables any designer to enjoy more freedom of creativity. Kate will introduce herself in a next blog.

The new year will also be the starting point for a new photographer – Frank. With his 20 years of experience in different fields, he’ll definitely make some changes in our current shop as well as play a big roll in PBNXT, where video will be an important feature.

For PBNXT we’ll be using lots of modern technology, that will really enhance the way we work on a daily basis. It will be so different from the way we’re working at the moment! All decisions we’ve made technology wise are based on smart decision-making and not on the latest hypes. As a small but fast-growing e-commerce company we embrace change!

As 2018 approaches, 2017 is coming to an end! So naturally it’s the time to reflect. Big decisions have been made this past year, changes have been implemented and workstations have expanded throughout the company. Next to developments for PBNXT, we’re also working on an entirely new and exciting project on the side, that will go live come Spring 2018. We’re on a mission!

We’ll be updating this blog on a regular basis to keep you posted on what’s happening behind the scenes in Haarlem, so keep tuning in!